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Give your property a pristine appearance

Iron Bridge Sod Farm gives your property the added advantage!

Create a beautiful, lush lawn or improve any project

Discover the products you need to create a landscape that makes your property stand out with prices you can afford.

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No property is too big or too small!

No matter if you are a seasoned landscaper or don't know where to start, you can receive a great looking lawn. You will have peace of mind knowing that our sod is locally grown and is always delivered fresh, directly to your door.

Our sod products are used for:

  1. Residential lawns
  2. Landscaper supply
  3. Commercial areas
  4. Housing developments
  5. Yard renovations

The Following Are Tips When Installing Sod:

  • Measure area to be sodded and contact Iron Bridge Sod Farms for scheduled pick up or delivery
  • Ground needs to be worked up, leveled and free of existing grass, rocks or weeds (In dry conditions lightly water area to provide a moist base for your new turf)
  • Fertilize prior to installing with a basic mix ( Ex. 10-10-10)
  • Install sod within 24 hours of being cut to prevent drying out
  • Begin laying sod in a straight line staggering seams (like brick). Any areas that are extremely steep or receive large amounts of rain run off may need to be pinned to avoid moving.
  • Rolling turf when finished will help remove air pockets and improve turf/soil contact.
  • Watering is the most important stage of installation. Start watering your new sod within 30 min of putting it down. Continue water until ground is saturated to a depth of 6 inches. Water twice a day for first 3 days and then once a day as needed. Early morning watering is preferred.
  • Mowing can be done 10 days - 2 weeks after installation. Cut grass high and avoid turning sharp until the turf has completely attached to soil.


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